Contact & Directions

Temporary Store Hours effective June 12
Friday 12-5 ** Saturday 9-3

The entrance is located mid-way on the Canal Street side of the building. Our sign is over the glass entry door along with a large #33.  As you come in, you will go up 3 to 4 steps and you'll see another sign directing you to turn right to go through a 2nd door and down a hallway which turns to the left.  The store is straight ahead.

PARKING is shared with other tenants in the building and, admittedly, can be somewhat challenging during certain times of the day.  Consistently, the best parking is later in the day and on Saturdays. Alternate parking can be found on adjacent Depot St. (metered on weekdays, free on Saturday) or at Market Basket (we can use parking spaces closest to W. Auburn Street).  If parking at Market Basket, please use caution when crossing the road and only cross at the corners.

Parking at loading docks is for active loading and unloading only.  The docks are shared with other tenants in the building and also to unload donations from our own box truck.  Other pickup trucks, box trucks and an occasional tractor trailer need to access the loading docks during the day.
Once you have loaded or unloaded, please move your vehicle if you are planning to come back in to shop.

Handicap access is limited and there are no dedicated handicap parking spaces. If you are unable to navigate the 3 steps at the entrance, the driver can pull up the ramp off W. Auburn St. going to the main loading dock (which is directly opposite our store entrance).  This has been recently paved and is now a much smoother surface.

We acknowledge that our location is less than ideal and appreciate your patience and patronage as we go through these growing pains.  Our goal is to relocate to an affordable and easily accessible retail location. Until all the stars align, we will be diligent in making the current situation work for customers, donors and neighbors.  If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, PLEASE see one of the managers.

If you are interested in helping us acquire a new location, as a Board of Directors member, commercial realtor, or interested business or community member, please see one of the store managers or write to

Habitat for Humanity Warehouse
33 Canal Street (GPS address)
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 792-0460

Mailing Address:
Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity
1850 Elm Street, Suite 4
Manchester, NH 03104